Award winning IDM solution

The next generation IDM solution called IdMatrix NG is available with many new features and improvements. The product has been developed based on our customers' requirements and in a close cooperation with our largest users. IdMatrix product family has been listed between the TOP 10 European IDM solutions by Enterprise Security Magazine. 
The latest version of the award-winning IdMatrix Identity Governance system, developed in Hungary, has been released, providing a significant number of newly developed innovative functions for public bodies, large companies and groups of companies. Our product, featuring innovative features and unique solutions, is available under the name IdMatrix NG. Based on the unique capabilities of the IdMatrix product family, it has won Enterprise Security Magazine's awards in two categories, selecting the product as one of Europe's TOP 10 Identity product and companies providing implementation services related to TOP 10 Identity solutions. This is a significant recognition for our company, as it also proves that the product's capabilities are outstanding internationally.
The new version of the product enables the development of native integration with cloud services on a large scale, its new services significantly contribute to the increase of the level of IT security and the improvement of operational efficiency.
The next generation of IdM products
Several of the new features provided by the product already anticipate the capabilities of the next generation of Identity Management and Identity Governance systems, thus being able to serve the business and security needs of our customers on a long term.
Central platform
IdMatrix NG is designed to provide a comprehensive solution, so the product no longer focuses only on authorization management processes, but also provides centralized service request functions and enables the automation of office processes. If the IdMatrix NG system acts as a central service platform, it can be supplemented with new optional security modules that integrate with the Security Operation Center provided by Innomatrix Services. This makes it possible to start automated or approval-dependent, predefined processes in the event of attacks against the IT environment, in order to prevent and reduce any damage that may occur.
Easier implementation
IdMatrix NG has become fully customizable, so that even the customer's IT field can implement individual needs using one of the widely known and used descriptive languages, without the need for a development tool, directly through the product interface.
Speed, efficiency
In addition to the large number of new functions, the introduction of the product has also been significantly simplified, the customization of the system, the execution of individual adaptations and configurations has become much faster.
User experience
During the development of IdMatrix NG, we placed a serious focus on further enhancing the user experience, and through the optimization of operation, the processes provided by the system were significantly accelerated based on the opinions of our users.
Unique features for financial institutions
To simplify the movement between accounts and replacements, we have introduced new functions, which enable users to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently.