Networking solutions

The network is the fundamental element of any information technology systems, providing a medium for communications. Its design and support requires well-skilled professionals, since an improper network configuration is the reason for many operating anomalies, and can be discovered and corrected through analysis. Our company professionals have gained extensive knowledge with Cisco and other vendors’ solutions. They are skilled in the design, implementation and after-implementation support of homogeneous and heterogeneous networks. 
  • IP routing & switching
  • Telecommunication solutions
  • VoIP based systems
  • Provider and enterprise class networks
  • Datacenter solutions


Complex software and hardware solutions

Our professionals have extensive experience with the design and implementation of Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, VMware based software systems, Cisco and NetApp data center hardware solutions. We have excellent references in this area, having designed and implemented many business critical environments, with a total amount of several hundreds of servers. During the design of an environment, we pay special attention to reduce the collateral costs of software licenses, thereby allowing the client to save money, even in the short term.
  • For the design and implementation of office and business systems
  • For the design of disaster recovery systems, DRP process compliance, automation, regular testing
  • For the design and implementation of database systems
  • For consolidation of complex systems on hardware and application level
  • For the design and implementation of virtualization solutions
  • For the design of license and resource optimization, for making the transformations


Mission Critical Systems

In the case of industrial and defense facilities, besides having the proficiency in the given area, a joint application of special solutions and methods is necessary due to the special nature of these kinds of industries. Engineering of critical systems must be characterized by full adherence to legal compliance and fulfillment of highest availability requirements from day one. The accurate and quick evaluation of data from these systems holds great importance, as these data form the information base for grave or even instant decisions. Systems of this class typically do not come from the high availability solutions available in the general market; rather, they are built with the help of unique mirrored solutions that provides signal-data redundancy, conforming to the given industry requirements. 
Our company has significant experience in designing and implementing power plant, general industry and defense systems. Through our knowledge in the field of general industry and technological knowledge regarding working with critical systems, we are able to draw up and implement systems concepts that conform to all requirements, are laid out in legal, plant-safety and operation-level safety regulations.