Network Security Solutions

Our professionals have gained considerable knowledge in the field of designing and supporting Cisco and CheckPoint firewall-based security. According to our security philosophy, we strive to design heterogeneous systems, where network packets are checked on the application level, while maintaining the necessary performance. This outstanding level of security not only requires knowledge of the firewall product from our professionals, but also demands a knowledge of applications connection risk analysis, as well as of how the information and data packets exchanged during establishing data connections are categorized, and which potential effects they have on business continuity. Our company is also a distributor of UTM and zero-day protection solutions to offer effective protection against malware.
We offer the following services and expertise in the perimeter security area:
  • Designing and implementing firewall and intrusion prevention, log analysis and incident management systems
  • Rule consolidation and validation
  • Designing provider level security systems
  • Implementation of traffic filtering solutions
  • Web service and DB security solutions

Data Leakage Prevention

There has been a trend lately for an ever-worrisome forms of attacks, targeted for accessing confidential information. These attacks exploit the weak security awareness of business users to get access to business information. On the other hand, users of the business systems may also abuse the information created within the enterprise. This prioritizes the protection of the data flow within the physical devices as well as on the informational level. It also calls for the creation of a sophisticated security strategy of the information system on multiple levels, in addition to the implementation of this protection. To this end, it is important to gain knowledge of business processes within the organization and define the scope of information and data to be protected.

Our methodology comprises the following steps:
  • Conducting an information survey for the processes and determining which kind of data are to be protected,
  • Getting to know the user habits,
  • Identification of legal and internal regulation requirements,
  • Drawing up a concept plan based on information gained,
  • Implementation of a DLP system according to the demands.

Cryptographic solutions

The secure forwarding of confidential data is a hot topic, and also a great challenge. Cryptography solutions often involve user discontent, due to the fact that by using them, the user’s daily routine can greatly change. 
Our professionals have experience in several cryptography-related areas, such as:
  • Designing and implementing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems,
  • Designing and introducing disk and file-based encryption systems,
  • Network traffic encryption,
  • Email security,
  • Document security.


Ethical hacking, Penetration testing

In agreement with the client, professionals of Innomatrix Services Kft. can perform vulnerability tests on designated systems using ethical hacking methods. As a result, security risk of these systems will be identified. Following each examination (ethical hacks or penetration tests), we’ll provide the client with a detailed list of tests performed, vulnerabilities found and how we recommend fixing these problems. Our methods build not merely on running automated procedures of vulnerability analyses, but also on using in-depth practical analyses and analytical techniques.
We can say that based on our experiences so far, the picture that the client has in mind from the overall security of the systems which underwent an extensive technological development will significantly change after a vulnerability analysis, even when the scope of analysis also included the user community. Our company also has practical experience related to testing industrial and special security systems. 


Security advisories and regulations

Our company offers to perform information security audits based on provisions of Act L of 2013, and compliance checks based on related governmental decrees, elaboration of a work agenda to get in compliance and implementation of necessary related developments. In addition, our professionals have gained experience in the field of risk management, elaborating security regulations and creating disaster plans. We have significant references in the field of creating processes, regulations based on ISO 27001, and we are prepared to elaborate and support the introduction of a regulatory system which ensures compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Our experience covers inspection of not only the general information technology environments, but also special industrial and high security facilities.