Mission Critical Infrastructure, Industrial Systems

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing specific technological systems and in cooperating with the licensing authorities in critical industrial and power generation fields. Our company carries out designing and implementation tasks in compliance with the applicable industrial regulations, in cooperation with other organizations and suppliers participating in the implementation. Considering that the critical industrial systems require special IT solutions, it is essential to combine expertise with the knowledge of the given industry.

In case of the critical infrastructure, both operational safety and IT safety are important considerations. The protection of cyberspace has gained strategic importance and comes into focus because our lives have become dependent on the operation of IT systems to such extent that even a serious, relatively extensive incident may have a significant effect on the operation of companies, financial systems or public utility services.

Defence Industry

Our specialists have considerable experience in the fields of special defence systems of various classification levels and special expert systems. Our company has obtained all the certificates expected and necessary for its operation in this area, and our specialists have passed the highest level security screening. In our HR policy, we always pay attention to checking certificates of good conduct at regular intervals, in compliance with the specific legal requirements.

Banks and Insurance Companies

In this sector, we typically have a strong presence, and with it, industrial knowledge in the area of security services and solutions. The IT security services our company provides include the design and implementation of border and data protection systems. Currently, our most successful solution in this field is the IdMatrix IdM access control system, a product that facilitates compliance with the legal requirements and regulations applicable to the financial environment by advanced access control services as well as by audit and compliance functions. The sector is characterized by unaccomplished, unsuccessful projects related to the IdM solutions of large multinationals. We provide competitive upgrade constructions for them within the framework of a migration project.

Telecommunication and broadcasting systems

Our network engineers have gained experience in the design, implementation and operation of nationwide systems. We have considerable knowledge in the area of service networks, data centres and microwave systems, and we are prepared to support the highest availability networks, even those used for broadcasting. Our experts have been granted the highest level manufacturer certificates and possess thorough industrial knowledge.


Our IdMatrix product has excellent references in the traffic sector. Our solution greatly improves the safety of control systems, and thereby the reliability of community traffic. Our IdMatrix system includes manufacturer integration with several expert systems used in the sector, thus ensuring that the product will be easy to install and cost efficient. Our company has gained extensive experience in the fields of process development and IT security; our experts have played important roles in the design and implementation of several complex projects.